Muslim-Christian Committee warns of increasing influence of Jewish extremists

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– The Muslim-Christian Committee for Jerusalem has warned Thursday of the snowballing influence of the fanatic Israeli settlers and extremist rabbis in the occupied city of Jerusalem.

Dr. Hassan Khater, the secretary-general of the Committee, explained in press release he made over the matter, that the influence of extremist rabbis and the settlers in the occupied city of Jerusalem and the rest of the occupied Palestinian lands increased over the past few years, adding that persons like rabbi Ovada Yousef, the spiritual leader of the Shas party, and Shlomo Amar, the Chief  Rabbi of  Sephardic Jews played strong role in inciting hatred against Muslim and Christian Palestinians.

He added, the settlers actions against Palestinian citizens in occupied Palestine turned their daily life into hell, explaining that Christian clergymen and Muslim religious leaders are frequently harassed, insulted, and spat at by the fanatic Israelis while on their way to mosques and churches.

Khater also said that what was happening in Jerusalem, Al-Khalil, and Nablus in terms of settlers’ attacks against Palestinians and their property as well as religious insults such as the tearing of copies of the Quran by settlers in Jerusalem are acts for which extremist rabbis are responsible because these acts are the result of their extremist religious edicts which are racist and full hatred and incitement against the Palestinian people.

He concluded by saying that all indications point to a scenario whereby the Israeli occupation government is on its way to handing over the control of the West Bank to the fanatic Jewish settlers and that the so called “settlers’ state” has become more present on the ground than “The Palestinian State” which the international community has failed to achieve despite all promises

Palestinian Information Center
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